The Great British Pram Race

The Rules:
1) This is a race but is a fun race, please do not take it too seriously and do not put yourself, other runners or the general public in danger. Anyone deemed to being so will be immediately disqualified.
2) You may race in teams from 1 to 6 people. Any more than six people on a pram at anyone time will be disqualified and made to do the walk of shame. 

Cost of entry is £5 per person (ages 3-6 free but must be accompanied by an adult)
3) No children or babies are allowed to go in the prams whilst in the race for obvious health and safety reasons.
4) All vehicles must be a recognisable pram/buggy (you can of course build your own pram). Go carts and the like are a strict no-no and banned under British Pram Racing (B.P.R) rules.
5) Prizes will be awarded for best looking prams so get doing your DIY. Adding scythes or blades to the wheels of your pram may look good but are strictly banned under B.P.R rules.
6) Pram racing can be hard work especially up hills so please ensure you bring water with you. Anyone with an existing heart condition or any other medical condition that may cause them problems in the race is asked to take it very easy and speak to their doctor before taking part.
7) Please respect the park and do not leave any rubbish. Anyone team caught leaving rubbish will be disqualified and made it pick it up whilst being jeered at.
8) Whilst we encourage competition please refrain from being rude. It is a family event and anyone caught swearing or being inappropriate will be marched from the race.
9) The event will be filmed and photographed. By taking part you allow us to use your image in perpetuity for publicity purposes relating to The Great British Pram Race.
10) Whilst it is a race we encourage you to take it easy. Anyone deemed going too fast and posing a threat to safety will asked to slow down. Two warnings about this and the team will be sent home early.

11) The judges’ decisions are final. In the event of a tie the judges will decide who crossed the line first. Photographic evidence will be ignored and claimed to be a Communist plot.

12) Please note that much of the course is off road and the ground can be a bit bumpy. We advise you to take the conditions of the course into consideration as we are not liable for any damage to prams.

To enter the race click here

Any questions please email us